Quick Skin Fixes Before the Holidays

If you're worried about the condition of your skin as we enter the holiday party season, fear not! Here are some quick and easy tips and tricks to improve the health, vitality, and youthfulness of your skin before the holidays really get into swing. 

At The Med Spa at Matthews Internal Medicine, our experienced care team, led by Eliza Sangmuah, MD and Eugene Sangmuah, MD, helps patients in the Matthews, North Carolina, area look their best at all times of the year. 

Maintain your skin-healthy food, rest, stress, and skin care routines

Life can get hectic at this time of year. For your skin to keep looking great, make sure you're consistently eating healthy foods, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep. Too much stress can leave your skin looking haggard, so keep it cool this year for the holidays to keep your skin fresh. Make sure you're continuing your usual skin care routines, with plenty of moisture to combat seasonal cold weather.

If you're looking to refresh your skin, here are some quick fixes you can try at home:

Cosmetic treatments to boost your holiday glow

The Med Spa at Matthews Internal Medicine also offers several cosmetic procedures that can rapidly improve your skin tone, smoothness, freshness, and clarity. Depending on your skin care needs, we might suggest treatments including:

Most of these treatments take less than 30 minutes, and many require little to no downtime or recovery. It might be a good idea to schedule your appointment a few days to a week before any big events this holiday season, to give your results time to fully emerge and your skin to really get glowing.

To schedule an appointment with a member of our team at The Med Spa at Matthews Internal Medicine, call our office today, or use the online booking tool at your convenience. 

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